EC-5 Architects is a team of designers working in the area of architecture, interior design and broadly understood design, for whom, even the smallest project is a challenge and an opportunity to realize their personal ambitions. With passion, constantly growing experience and knowledge of the construction market we provide our clients satisfaction at every stage of our cooperation.

Choosing EC-5, you gain comprehensive care of the task. Starting from reliable design, arrangement, visualization, purchase of materials, to author's supervision and multi-discipline coordination.

EC-5 is a team that believes that the quality of the space has a direct impact on the life effectiveness. We know that helping our clients we help ourselves, our relatives and friends to live in a human-friendly environment... We invite you to cooperate.


  • Comprehensive and reliable technical study supported by high-quality visualizations
  • Cooperation with experienced engineering offices carrying out individual industry projects
  • Selection of interior design elements with a cost estimate
  • Orders arrangement for a specific assortment
  • Full supervision over construction teams and coordination of their work
  • Clear rules of cooperation at every stage of operation
  • Adjusting the scope of our services to your individual needs and financial possibilities
  • Experience and full commitment of our employees to the project